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Interior Concepts by Carol
Working with an Interior Designer
While most home owners will hire a professional roofer of plumber, when it comes to interior design many people think, "Why should I spend money when I can do it myself?" The answer is that an interior designer can actually save you money and a lot of time.
1. Interior Designers Offer Professional Expertise
An interior designer helps you put your creative stamp in your home by dealing with decorating, furnishing, and space issues.
Interior design is not just "having an eye" for color or recognizing quality furniture. It is an extensive discipline that encompasses specialized areas of expertise, including:

  • Colors and how they relate to one another
  • Patterns and how they relate to one another
  • Perception of space, depth and texture
  • Compatibility of furniture styles
  • Specialized painting and stenciling techniques
  • Wide variety of window treatments and more

2. Interior Designers Have Spent Years Finding the Best Professional Resources
The professional designer has searched for years the best sources for everything from upholstery services to marble counter tops.
3. Interior Designers Can Save You Money in Furnishings and Other Supplies
Many designers work directly with manufacturers and can get you the best prices and the best quality for products and services.
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